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Online Payment Gateway

PG (Payment Gateway) is an E-commerce service which help processing customer credit card information through online payment channels ​ and also provide various features facilitating the electronic payment process for online merchants on the digital platforms ​ such website and mobile application.​

Tree Pay's online payment platform allows online businesses to accept credit & debit cards, ATM payments, counter payments and direct debit service (Internet Banking)

Credit / Debit Cards

Improve your customer's experience and reduce the drop-out rate during the payment process simply by using our payment platforms

On Treepay’s payment page (Redirect)

Utilize Tree Pay’s seamless payment flows and features to enjoy safer and simpler payment processing

One-click payment

Create convenient payment experience for Royal customers to finish payment with Simplified process with One Click

Recurring payment

Create reliable automatic billing platform that enables merchant to conveniently charge customer on set schedule

Installment Payment

Easier decision for customer since they can pay small amounts for the high-ticket size purchasing​. Tree Pay supports Installment program with each issuer bank, the minimum amount is 3,000 THB per basket and ​ 500 THB per month​. Major Bank coverage in Thailand with more than 40 credit card types.​ Variety on installment plan starting from 3 – 10 months.​

Direct Debit Service (Internet Banking)

Simple user experience by automic redirect to the bank-operated page with total amount, merchant name and reference code are automatic filled.

Counter and ATM payment

Tree Pay offers not only online, but offline channels like ATM and Counter Payment for customers who preferred to use cash.

Thai QR

A payment is performed by scanning a QR code from a mobile app. Customer scans the QR Code via Mobile Banking Application. Customer has to confirm the payment by fill OTP/Password (Depending on each bank policy)

WeChat pay

Start accepting WeChat Payments through our static and dynamic QR generation tool. Compatible with existing QR scanners through our white-label API.